Monday, July 2, 2012

First customers & new designs!

I feel like my shop took off over the weekend!  My first two online customers (who both happen to be fabulous and wonderfully-sassy women) each picked up two JoyfulJems by Joanna originals :-) -- Thank you JS and LA! 

I also decided to create some new designs and kind-of stumbled onto this color combination!

Freshwater pearl, jade, and sterling silver -- I'm loving the peach and olive-green combination!
While making that set of earrings, I picked them up from the bottom on accident, and came across this design!

I love the way those peach pearls settled over the jade... and the sterling swirls add to the whimsy :-)
*sigh*  I love the creative process!  I'm also exploring how to wrap/package my jewelry for shipping... and picked up a GREAT book from the Benton County Library, which has been really helpful as I explore how to sell my creations online!  "Crafty Superstar: Make crafts on the side, earn extra cash, and basically have it all" is by Grace Dobush (, and includes FANTASTIC advice from successful and creative crafters involved in a variety of crafts.  So helpful!  The only piece I'm not clear about yet: is my hobby really a hobby in the eyes of the IRS or do I need to register as a business??  It's a little unclear, although it seems that as long as my expenses are greater than my profits from selling (which should be easy, seeing as how I have a hard time not purchasing beading supplies and yarn) it qualifies as a hobby...??  I think.

I should probably get a little clearer on this -- anyone know a tax professional who will give me free (or nearly free) advice?  I'll totally trade some earrings!

Joy and peace,

Friday, June 29, 2012

JoyfulJems - an online shop & unemployment project...

After a loooong hiatus, I'm finally returning to the blogging community! 

Being between jobs has some perks, most specifically more available time to create jewelry (and learn how to sell it online), explore other crafts, and reflect. I have learned that I like to stay busy -- apparently this was patently obvious to everyone who knows me...  Going into this (hopefully brief) period of unemployment, I realized I could make choices and plans to better set myself up for a healthier life.  One of these choices: opening an online shop to sell some of the jewelry I make (I'll include a little bit about the internal challenges I've come across related to this semi-ambitious goal in future posts).

I am thrilled to announce my new Etsy shop: JoyfulJems!  I've included one example of my jewelry work below, and you can see more of my work at  You can also just follow the blog, as I'll post updates when I have new designs to share! 

In order to open the Etsy shop, I had to experiment quite a bit (and do a little research at the library and online) with my little point-and-shoot digital camera to get pictures good enough for the site.  Although my siblings are very talented photographers, I am only just beginning to explore this art!  I'll leave you with this example of my hard work... :-)

Yellow jade, peridot, and sterling silver earrings -- one of my favorite pictures from my first photoshoot!