Monday, July 2, 2012

First customers & new designs!

I feel like my shop took off over the weekend!  My first two online customers (who both happen to be fabulous and wonderfully-sassy women) each picked up two JoyfulJems by Joanna originals :-) -- Thank you JS and LA! 

I also decided to create some new designs and kind-of stumbled onto this color combination!

Freshwater pearl, jade, and sterling silver -- I'm loving the peach and olive-green combination!
While making that set of earrings, I picked them up from the bottom on accident, and came across this design!

I love the way those peach pearls settled over the jade... and the sterling swirls add to the whimsy :-)
*sigh*  I love the creative process!  I'm also exploring how to wrap/package my jewelry for shipping... and picked up a GREAT book from the Benton County Library, which has been really helpful as I explore how to sell my creations online!  "Crafty Superstar: Make crafts on the side, earn extra cash, and basically have it all" is by Grace Dobush (, and includes FANTASTIC advice from successful and creative crafters involved in a variety of crafts.  So helpful!  The only piece I'm not clear about yet: is my hobby really a hobby in the eyes of the IRS or do I need to register as a business??  It's a little unclear, although it seems that as long as my expenses are greater than my profits from selling (which should be easy, seeing as how I have a hard time not purchasing beading supplies and yarn) it qualifies as a hobby...??  I think.

I should probably get a little clearer on this -- anyone know a tax professional who will give me free (or nearly free) advice?  I'll totally trade some earrings!

Joy and peace,

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